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Posted: 10.3.23

Did you miss one of our Eco-Friendly Retailer newsletters? Check out our archives below to see past issues. You'll find links to newsletters by month and headlines from each issue.

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October 2023

Chuck Golden provides informative tips to improve recycling efforts at your retail facility.  Southern Oregon Subaru takes full advantage of Subaru's recycling program for used banners.  Start making plans for National Recycling Day on November 15.  Learn about the innovations in plastics cleanup with information provided by Earth Day.

September 2023

Read about the communiity involvement of Byers Subaru Dublin for Earth Day, 2023 -- plus how one of their employees teaches local school children about the importance of reduce/reuse/recycle.  Provide feedback by September 26 on the Energy Star Portfolio Manager Webinar of August 28.  Subaru is the largest sponsor of the National Park Foundation, having provided almost $55 million in support since 2013.

August 2023 Energy Star Webinar

Energy Star is a highly recognizable logo.  Learn how to earn certification and be able to display this prestigious logo to your customers.

August 2023

Read about Darrel Waltrip Subaru's environmentally-friendly efforts in their community, as well as about Covanta's recognizing Subaru as a "pioneer."  Earth Day 2024 is already underway as well!

July 2023

Read about how recycling cans and bottles is benefiting a humane society in NY.  Learn how recycling K-cups have taken on a second life as a park bench.  And there's a newly-certified eco-friendly retailer!  Covanta explains the dangers of landfill disposal.

June 2023

Read about how planting beach grass can counter the effects of storm erosion.  Learn how one retailer is promoting eco-friendly at the retailer facility.  And there's a newly-certified eco-friendly retailer!

May 2023

You can use recycled motor oil to provide heat to your retail facility!  Beardmore Subaru in Bellevue, NE, and Glanzmann Subaru in Hatboro, PA, are making the most of their Certified Eco-Friendly Retailer status.  Read about upping your reccyling efforts and about how sea water can be recycled and sent back to the ocean.

April 2023

No need for gasoline when you can use a two-heel lawnmower!  Find out about the numerous ways in which Planet Subaru in Hanover, MA, makes each and every day an Earth Day.  The Earth Day web site provides an Action Took Kit to help you get things started at your retailer location.

March 2023

Plant a tree and it will help offset the effects of carbon dioxide emissions.  Carter Subaru in the Seattle, WA, area is doing just that with every test drive -- and planting three more trees for every vehicle sold!  Dave Wright Subaru in Hiawatha, IA, encourages customers to bring in old oil and used car batteries for recycling.  Easter Island in the South Pacific is inundated with plastics washing ashore -- about a ton every month! 

February 2023

Mark Miller Subaru, with retailer locations in South Salt Lake, UT, and in Sandy, UT, both certified Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer locations, has received the Cox Automotive Leader in Sustainability Award.  Start planning ahead for Earth Day 2023, cioming up on April 22.

January 2023

W&L Subaru in Northumberland, PA, lends a helping hand to nearby Everyone's Playground by planting trees and picking up trash.  Three retailers have been awarded Eco-Friendly Retailer status.  The Villages, FL, has totally revamped their process for picking up trash and recyclables.

December 2022

Fairway Subaru in Greenville, SC, promotes recycling every day.  Customers are encouraged to bring their recyclable items from home to drop off at Fairway.  There is a dedicated parking space for those customers who stop by to recycle!  Learn how planting a tree can help to mitigate the effects of global warming.

November 2022

Connecticut Subaru Retailers joined up with Connecticut Cleanup, sponsored by Save the Sound, for an annual cleanup event in local communiies and along local waterways.  How did you promote America Recycles Day?  Could you be saving money with a reclaimed water car wash?

October 2022

America Recycles Day is November 15.  What are you doing to promote a greener environment and to encourage recycling in and around your retailer location?

September 2022

Hanania Subaru of Orange Park, FL, cleaned up trash from in and around local rivers.

August 2022

Green Up Vermont, a statewide clean-up day for over 50 years, is sponsored by Subaru of New England.  All Vermont Subaru retailers participate in the event.

July 2022

Hansel Subaru of Santa Rosa, CA, paricipated in a cleanup effort right around 

their dealaership.  Volunteers tackled the project of clenaing up the area around

the street on which the dealership is located.

June 2022

Van Bortel Subaru of Rochester, NY,

This Green Team from Van Bortel Subaru of

Rochester, NY, consists of technology-savvy 

young people whose responsibility is to help 

customers become familiar with the new

technology in their new Subaru vehicles.

May 2022

Delaney Subaru extends their Earth Day activities the next day in their showroom.te

Delaney Subaru extends their Earth Day activities

the next day in their showroom.

February 2022

Subaru Antelope Valley helps to create future environmentally-minded citizens.


January 2022

Tires, Trash and Trail: Adventure Subaru "hits the trail"

to help maintain a portion of the Razorback Greenway.


November 2021

Subaru CEO Doll presents Eco-Friendly Retailer trophy

Tom Doll Presents Eco-Friendly Trophy to Stevens Creek Subaru

Carter Subaru Continues Planting Forest One Test Drive at a Time


October 2021

checking gauges

Lithia Reno Subaru Supports River Cleanup

Explore the Small Things: Make Energy Savings Simple

SOA Shares the Love with Headquarters Vegetable Garden


September 2021

checking gauges

Stop by Our Booth

Holmgren Subaru Team Cleans Up Connecticut

Reduce Energy Use: Keep HVAC Systems Running Efficiently


August 2021

Subaru employees standing by tree

Stop by Our Booth

Earth Week Held Two Cleanup Events for Williams Subaru

Mark Miller Subaru: Eco-Friendly Retailer in the News

We're So Close! Dealership ENERGY STAR Certification Nears Completion


July 2021

group of workers at paper shredding event

Join Us at Subaru's National Business Conference in September

Baldwin Subaru Hosts Earth Day Shredding Event

SOA Eco-Friendly Lead Goes Eco-Friendly

OPTIONAL Survey Still Open: Help Develop a Dealership ENERGY STAR Certification


June 2021

group of Subaru employees standing near bags of trash

Subaru of Muskegon Cleanup Nets Over 150 Pounds of Trash

Reynolds' Subaru Talks with Turtles

OPTIONAL: Help NADA and EPA Develop a Dealership ENERGY STAR Certification


May 2021

Beekeeper with equipment in front of solar panels

Subaru of Las Vegas Celebrates Earth Week with Clean Up & Farmers' Market

Spring is Buzzing at Green Dealer Support

OPTIONAL: Participate with NADA and EPA to Develop a Dealership ENERGY STAR Certification

Subaru of America and Philadelphia Union to Make Subaru Park the First-ever Zero Landfill Stadium in MLS


April 2021

Water drop

Participate with NADA and EPA to Develop a Dealership ENERGY STAR Certification

Reduce Water Use this Spring


March 2021

Blue sky white clouds and green grass with text Earth Day April 22 2021

Energy Efficient Lighting: Benefits & Maintenance

Spring is Here: Think Native

Earth Day 2021: Event Planning Guide & Social Campaigns


February 2021

Blue sky white clouds and green grass with text Earth Day April 22 2021

Preventative Maintenance Makes Business Sense & Environmental Sense

Start Plans for Earth Day 2021


January 2021

restroom faucet

Water Usage: How Low Can You Go?

Retailers Sponsor Eco-Friendly Holiday Drives

Black Roof, White Roof, What's the Difference?


December 2020

Winter Energy Savings with background of trees covered in snow

Winter Energy Savings

12 Connecticut Retailers Clear Waterways


November 2020

Adopt A Highway sign for Fairfield Subaru

Retailer Diverts Wrapping Paper from Landfills

Retailer Videos Highlight Eco-Activities Inside & Out

Megan's Social Spotlight

San Francisco Zone Removes Seven Tons of Roadside Trash in 2020


October 2020

Video thumbnail of a road in a forest

Carter Subaru Plants Forest One Test Drive at a Time

New Solar Installation at Green Dealer Support Headquarters

Solar Highlights & Resources

National Parks Initiative Eliminates 16 Million Pounds of Waste from Landfills


September 2020

Group of students and others next to new bottle filling station

Five Star Subaru of Grapevine Spurs Eco-Friendly Community Projects

Retailer Tip: Save Subaru Banners from Landfills

New Loves the Earth Website


August 2020

Subaru employees in front of trash dumpster

Seven Vermont Retailers Join Statewide Spring Cleanup

Join Nationwide Plogging Event Sept. 20

Ask for Help, Patriot Subaru Delivers

2019 Subaru Corporate Impact Report Released


July 2020

Eco display collage

Six Lithia Motors Subaru Retailers Certified as Eco-Friendly

Retailer Garden Expands, Welcomes Foul Friends

Planet Subaru Releases 500 Endangered Quail Chicks

Retailer Uses Social Media to Announce Certification


June 2020

Eco display collage

Retailer Garden Roundup

Eco-Displays Tell Story of Environmental Commitment

Megan's Social Spotlight

Employee Recycling Tip: Make it Easy


May 2020

Subaru vehicle by brick building

Plogging is the New Jogging

Megan's Social Spotlight

Subaru and Leave No Trace Live Each Week


April 2020

Fairfield Subaru Adopt a Highway sign

Environmental Efforts Continue from a Distance

Eight Retailers Remove Eight Tons of Roadside Trash

Megan's Social Spotlight

Eco-Friendly Retailers in the News

Retailer Tip: Williams Subaru


March 2020

Planet Subaru goatscaping

Planet Subaru Receives Leader in Sustainability Award

Megan's Social Spotlight

Green Scenes

Upcoming Events

Freehold Subaru Receives Award at SOA Headquarters


February 2020

graphic with social media channel logos

Join Us at Subaru's National Business Conference

NEW FEATURE: Megan's Social Spotlight

Earth Day 2020

Go Green. Stay Green.


January 2020

Subaru employees plant trees at nature preserve

Love Promie Extends to Service

Plastic Bags + Nature Preserves = Community Outreach

Eco-Displays Showcase Green Activities

Recycling Poll Results


December 2019

Have You Seen Recycling Changes?

Recycling Background

What's Next?

November 2019

trees planted at Reno, NV, park

Subaru Pacific Hosts Environmental Science Fair

Lithia Reno Team Gets Dirty at Tree Planting

Enter to Win an Eco-Friendly Table Drape

TerraCycle Partnership Promotion

More Social Ideas


October 2019

Connecticut Coastal Cleanup video

Double the Fun: Retailer Joins Two Community Beautification Projects

Small State Brings Mighty Coastal Impact

2 Million and Counting: Partnership reaches milestone

10 Million and Counting: EFR sells 10-millionth Subaru


September 2019

fruit trees and flat bed truck along with gardening tools

Quail and Trail and Food, Oh My!

Don't just wait here— bike!

Eco-Friendly Table Drapes Available


August 2019

Connecticut adopt a highway sign for Subaru Stamford

Keep it Clean: Sponsor or Adopt

Sept. 6 Deadline for Sustainability Award Applications

Bike-Friendly Retailers Support Local Cycling

Eco Logo Spotting


July 2019

plastic water bottle

Reduce Plastic and Earn Credit


June 2019

Paper cup

Ditch the Foam

Summer Eco-Tip: Irrigation Inspection

Newsletter Archives Available


May 2019

Beyond the Blue Bin

Making Waves: Recycling Diverts Waste, Supports Community

Retailers Go Social


April 2019

April 2019 Newsletter

Austin Subaru Green Team Runs on Solar

Community Outreach Right Outside the Door

Subaru, TerraCycle Partnership on GMA


February 2019

February 2019 newsletter

Love in Action: California Subaru Retailer Wraps, Mows, Plants, and Flies into Community

Earth Day 2019

Subaru of America Announces Major Recycling Milestone


May 2018


How Well Do You Know Your Trash?

Find Your Next Green Idea

EFR Named Love Promise Retailer of the Year


April 2018

Oil Filter Recycling Brings Savings for Retailer



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