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Six Lithia Motors Subaru Retailers Certified as Eco-Friendly

Posted: 7.20.20

From a LEED-certified headquarters to its 190 stores nationwide, Lithia Motors, Inc., is committed to improving the auto industry’s environmental and social landscape. Lithia’s 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report highlights strides in sustainable business practices at corporate and dealership levels.

Corporate environmental work includes expanding the nation’s EV charging network and sustainable living education for employees. At a dealership level, Lithia has made significant investments in LED lighting and solar installations.

Lithia’s drive for environmental leadership at various levels mirrors Subaru of America’s commitment to the environment, with SOA’s LEED-certified headquarters building, zero-landfill plants, partnerships with the National Parks Conservation Association, TerraCycle, and Leave No Trace, and the establishment of the Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer Program.

“The Subaru Eco-Friendly retailer program is a great example of dealer-manufacturer collaboration to help achieve mutual environmental goals. We are proud to have six of our Subaru stores now certified as Eco-Friendly and look forward to making continued improvements on our facilities with Subaru’s support,” says Laura Rutledge, Lithia Motors corporate governance manager.

Read on for a glimpse of the green initiatives at each of Lithia’s Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailers.

trees planted at a soccer park in Reno, NV

The team at Lithia Reno Subaru didn’t just donate 20 shade trees to a local soccer park. Twenty of their team members showed up, got their hands dirty, and planted them. The retailer coordinated with park rangers and local nursery staff to select the right trees for the area.

“It was a great event and the result will be benefiting the community for a very long time,” said Cipran Ciciovan, Lithia Reno Subaru general sales manager.

service entrance at Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek

Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek’s service department uses eco-friendly heating and cooling. Instead of air conditioning, the shop uses swamp coolers, which cool the air as water evaporates. Shop Foreman Kevin Vuong says the coolers lower energy costs and provide a safe work environment. For heating, each bay is equipped with a natural gas ceramic heater that reflects radiant heat at the technician, eliminating the need to heat the whole shop.

Carbone Subaru of Utica exterior photo

Carbone Subaru of Utica moved to a new facility two years ago and is focused on protecting the environment by recycling. The service department recycles waste oil, oil filters, tires, and coolant. Consistent with Lithia corporate’s nationwide push, the building includes interior and exterior LED lighting.

Carbone Subaru's showroom maximizes the use of natural light with large windows
As part of a complete dealership renovation last year, Carbone Subaru (Troy, NY) maximized the use of natural light and installed motion activated lighting and programmable thermostats.
exterior photo of Lithia Subaru of Great Falls
Lithia Subaru of Great Falls’ new facility opened in 2018. Features include native and water-efficient landscaping and low-flow fixtures. The retailer also partners with TerraCycle to collect hard-to-recycle items that are turned into new items like park benches and picnic tables.
service department at Subaru of Spokane
The service department at Subaru of Spokane features high-efficiency air compressors and fast-track garage doors designed to help keep warm and cool air inside the shop.

See page 14 of Lithia Motors’ Corporate Responsibility Report 
for details on the Eco-Friendly Retailer Program.



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